A month of great changes and exciting news and endless things to be thankful for. November was chalk full of stressful breakdowns of “what am I going to do with my life?!” and cowering under paper work and applications for internships this coming summer, as well as excessive stress eating of ramen and plain tortillas and sherbet at the same time with my room mates. There was the first snow fall, and the hanging of Christmas decorations, finished books, and some fancy hair cuts. But this month held far greater things like seeing James Bay in concert, having my mom visit me, finding out I am officially going to Zambia in May for a missions trip with my school, and being home for Thanksgiving for the first time since high school. While home I did not once regret the 17 hour car ride to and from Andover, MA as I surprised my dad, brother, and best friends (who’s reaction was priceless) and ate myself past full many time over.

December continually is the fastest month of the year I’ve found. Caught up in so many holiday happenings, finals (ugh) and the anticipation of Christmas break just around the corner) I cannot put into words how good November was for my soul. A month that stretched me and made me relax. I ran a 15k and a 5 mile race. I was surprised by one of my best friends for the Gospel Choir concert (aka the marathon weekend of the year for the Audio & Tech team). I was emptied out and filled up so many times this month I’ve barely had time to catch my breath. But hey, this life is pretty exciting when you’re flying by the seat of your pants and I really do enjoy the view of the world rushing past my car window as I try and keep up.

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