I met Charlotte Manning my freshman year at North Park and she quickly became one of my closest and dearest friends to the point where we became room mates this year (PTL I love her so much). Through her I was introduced to her older siblings and the incredible musician that her older sister Jessica is. This past February I was given the opportunity to visit Minneapolis with Charlotte to see her sister’s album release concert. And holy crap. This girl gets music. We listened to all her songs on the seven hour car ride, trying to memorize the harmonies and lyrics for the concert, but once I hear her on stage I was struck by how incredibly talented she was live. I stood in the front row and snapped pictures while taking breaks to shut my eyes and take in the ethereal, moving melodies. Anyways here’s some of my photos from the weekend and you should absolutely take a listen (HERE!) to her incredible work that she has put her heart and soul into.

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