I’ve decided that I should try and do this whole monthly posting thing. Update the world on my life and my photography. I swear I take pictures! Sometimes life is crazy and you have to edit them three weeks later after you do the piles and piles of homework you have and other obligations. Like feeding yourself and eating. So here’s the update.

This year is going to be an incredible one. While I was convinced that nothing could be the world traveling adventuries of last year, we may have a contender. Within a week of school starting I dropped my double major (no longer a Curatorial Studies major, just Advertising) so I changed all of my classes, overloaded on credits and buckled down. And I am finally passionate about what I’m learning. Graphic Design, Digital Imaging, Video Production, even Marketing – these are all things I am loving. Homework is not painful when you have to design 12 logos for Outdoor Gear companies or take pictures of antlers and potted plants (posted below). Happy Day. To make things even better the girls I am an RA for are incredible. They are all adventurers which is the most exciting news ever. So many good things happening and to come. And when I thought all my activities couldn’t get better being a frisbee captain has somehow made me love the sport more. We have approximately seven returners so with a ton of new girls, two awesome co captains, and a brand new fantastic coach we took on the task of re learning/teaching Ultimate. And it worked. This past weekend we stuffed ourselves into cars and drove 4 and half hours to Michigan for our first tournament where I have never been more impressed and proud. Each girl kicked so much butt and encouraged the rest of her team the entire time. Too many proud mom moments to count.

With all that said, September is turning out to rock. With the best roomies, wonderful sunrise and late night adventures, slumber parties, guac eating parties, dance parties, and great friends to walk through it all I’m stoked for the next few months. I am reminded every single day of how necessary each of the incredible people in my life are. While I may not be jumping on trains to travel to Norway for the weekend I am enjoying the mundane… which is turning out to be the furthest thing from that. Praising God for making me so sure of where I am at. Also I’ve seen so many dogs and puppies this semester. Like so many. Thank you Jesus.

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