While I was home for winter break, of course I spent some much needed time with the four closest friends I have. They happen to also be some of my oldest friends and I cannot express how grateful I am that our friendship has not only lasted but continued to grow after I moved to Chicago. Naturally we spent a day taking some photos (minus Rachel, I love you a lot) and plus Alex’s boyfriend Daniel. Enjoy our not so serious friendship photos that I will hold dear until the next time we are all 0H7A3140 0H7A3147 0H7A3150 0H7A3157 0H7A3162 0H7A3165 0H7A3166 0H7A3188-Edit 0H7A3189 0H7A3193 0H7A3201 0H7A3252 0H7A3314 0H7A3337 0H7A3422 0H7A3447 0H7A3469 0H7A3489 0H7A3548 0H7A3551 0H7A3561 0H7A3563 0H7A3575 0H7A3592 0H7A3603 0H7A3623 0H7A3626 0H7A3643 0H7A3687 0H7A3692 0H7A3706 0H7A3726 0H7A3750 0H7A3759 0H7A3763 0H7A3769 0H7A3799 0H7A3819together.


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