These are very out of order. Very random. Some are from client shoots. Some are from travels. Some are from every day life. Many are blurry, out of focus, or taken from a car window. All of them are what make up 2015. Each moment, place, or person I cherish is in these photos most likely. And if not then I was enjoying life too much to take a picture of it at that moment. This year left me breathless, sore and tired, stressed to the point of tears, joyful to the point of tears, filled with stomach-paining laughter, without a voice from singing at the top of my lungs, overwhelmed with how much I have been given in this life, in some incredibly beautiful places, and in the presence of even more beautiful people. These photos are a summation of the beauty of these past twelve months and the way that God has shown me love and peace. It was one hell of a year and it’s left me even more excited for what 2016 is going to bring.

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I am so impressed. These are incredible. You have a gift. PS. I miss you

Jess! Thank you so much! Hopefully our paths cross this year and we can catch up, hope all is well!

Dear Kelsey,
What an accomplished photographer you already are. You see beauty in large landscapes, in necks, ears, hair, flowers, close-ups, smiles … loved looking at your pictures. Your joyful spirit permeates them.

Thank you so much Maureen! I appreciate the kind words, hope this new season is a wonderful one for you and your family.

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