This is all of August minus a huge road trip I did out West with my family. If you want to see those photos there is a series of posts following this! But August was a last breath of fresh air, a calming send off, and a nostalgic goodbye to my home. Man I love this place. Also i’m so sorry I took care of a bunch of veggie and flower gardens this summer so I photographed ALL of them and they are all at the end. I’m so sorry for the the excessive photos, but I’m proud I actually kept some plants alive though so yay.

_H7A8978 _H7A8981 _H7A8983 _H7A8984 _H7A8985 _H7A8986 _H7A8988 _H7A8991 _H7A8993 _H7A8996 _H7A8998 _H7A8999 _H7A9003 _H7A9004 _H7A9006 _H7A9009 _H7A9010 _H7A9011 _H7A9012 _H7A9013 _H7A9014 _H7A9018 _H7A9020 _H7A9024 _H7A9025 _H7A9026 _H7A9029 _H7A9031 _H7A9033 _H7A9035 _H7A9038 _H7A9039 _H7A9041 _H7A9042 _H7A9043 _H7A9044 _H7A9045 _H7A9046 _H7A9049 _H7A9056 _H7A9058 _H7A9062 _H7A9067 _H7A9071 _H7A9076 _H7A9079 _H7A9106 _H7A9107 _H7A9109 _H7A9110 _H7A9117 _H7A9119 _H7A9120 _H7A9129 _H7A9131 _H7A9154 _H7A9155 _H7A9177 _H7A9183 _H7A9190 _H7A9193 _H7A9202 _H7A9205 _H7A9207 _H7A9208 _H7A9209 _H7A9227 _H7A9238 _H7A9239 _H7A9243 _H7A9247 _H7A9248 _H7A9252 _H7A9254 _H7A9262 _H7A9272 _H7A9277 _H7A9280 _H7A9281 _H7A9285 _H7A9287 _H7A9291 _H7A9293 _H7A9295 _H7A9296 _H7A9300 _H7A9301 _H7A9302 _H7A9307 _H7A9308 _H7A9317 _H7A9320 _H7A9324 _H7A9338 _H7A9341 _H7A9342 _H7A9347

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