These are pictures of friends, family, and of food. They are of moments of laughter and jokes and of beauty. I know it’s hard to see and understand someone’s life through pictures, but I really tried my best here. Chicago is a beautiful where I have met incredible people and experienced amazing things. And it’s only the second month here! So here’s to some of the best two months of my life so far.

IMG_7148 IMG_7208 IMG_7234 IMG_7381 IMG_7392 IMG_7393 IMG_7395

IMG_8949 IMG_8955 IMG_8971 IMG_9011 IMG_8197 IMG_8212 IMG_8260 IMG_8490 IMG_8492 IMG_8538 IMG_8622 IMG_8658 IMG_8766 IMG_8864 IMG_1266 IMG_1291 IMG_1330 IMG_1344-2 IMG_9358 IMG_9443 IMG_9509 IMG_9519 IMG_9588 IMG_9592 IMG_9604 IMG_9641 IMG_9666 IMG_9705 IMG_9731 IMG_9783 IMG_0098 IMG_0132 IMG_0183 IMG_0249 IMG_0292 IMG_0351 IMG_0373 IMG_0377 IMG_0497 IMG_0544 IMG_0571 IMG_0759 IMG_0774 IMG_1657 IMG_1687 IMG_1731 IMG_1793 IMG_1826 IMG_1833 IMG_1847 IMG_1873 IMG_1893 IMG_1908 IMG_1926 IMG_1930 IMG_1949 IMG_1967 IMG_8461 IMG_8355


These are incredible! Great job!! I LOVE that picture of Ben Poor.

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