Hello blog, it’s been..over a year. I got my act together in time to post just that – exactly what’s happened in this past year. Not a blog post per wedding or engagement (those will come) but the best of what I saw this year. Every wedding, every couple, every family (including my own). My favorite mountains, moments, camp fires, and details. There’s a lot in here. A lot of it professional and a lot of it personal, but I am so proud to call it all mine. Thank you to each person who trusted me and my camera this year. To those who have already decided to trust me for next year. I don’t know if I want to do this forever, but I’m so grateful I get to right now. Maybe it’s the Lord of the Rings soundtrack in the background making me emotional, but despite the sheer difficulty of this year, I’m breathing deeply and tearing up at how well it treated me. To my couples, my clients, my family, my friends, my Wistia family, and my dogs – cheers to a crazy amazing year. And a special shoutout to 55 Granite – that last picture is outdated and missing two very important ladies. But this craigslist house held my exhaustion, gave me delicious food and wine, listened to my downfalls, and continued to pick me up day after day. Thanks to the five of you.

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