Well April was a month of realizing that North Park, Chicago, these people weren’t going to be forever. So took a lot of photos and spent a lot of time with a bunch of people who mean the world to me. Beach days, exploring our city, our final frisbee tournament, and puppies per usual. The last frisbee tournament was the greatest emotional rollercoaster. My team came out strong winning every single game of the weekend until we played Valpraiso. The weekend didn’t end in Nationals, but a second place conference win. I am beyond proud. The hard work this team has put in the past years has been incredible to watch. Playing the last point with my team killed me a bit and left me with happy tears running down my face as I hugged my team mates, but I am so so excited to see how these girls continue to improve. Thankful for the community they gave me the past four years and everything they have taught me. Oy, nostalgia continues to set in.

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