Abbie Page became one of my close friends here at North Park in the past three years, so when she asked if I could take her sister’s senior photos it was an easy yes. But I had NO idea how this casual senior photo shoot would turn into the best senior photo shoot ever. Location wise there was a conservatory, the Art Institute gardens, a hammock, and a beach at dusk. Like, can I ask for anything better? Well honestly I couldn’t because Lydia SLAYED her shoot. This one has a heart made of golden retriever puppies, chaco tan lines, and Destiny Child’s #1’s Album. Best part was that she and her fam treated me to tacos and margaritas half way through. TAKE NOTE FUTURE CLIENTS. Take a look at this gem of a human and then go to Velvet Taco in Chicago because they have loaded tater tots as an appetizer. *drools*

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