A post in honor of the pups. These are some of the best dogs I’ve interacted with. Truly there is nothing else that brings me as much joy and life as dogs. Enjoy some duggins!

IMG_21470H7A0137 0H7A0154 0H7A0300 0H7A0675 0H7A1651 0H7A1655 0H7A6300 0H7A8808 0H7A8896 0H7A8915 0H7A9150-2 0H7A9163 0H7A9207 0H7A9743 IMG_0063 IMG_0255 IMG_0278 IMG_1387 IMG_2002 IMG_2679 IMG_2691 IMG_2866 IMG_3027 IMG_3040 IMG_5083 IMG_5157 IMG_5227 IMG_5340 IMG_5502 IMG_5898 IMG_5965 IMG_6447 IMG_7267 IMG_8352 IMG_8706 IMG_8756 IMG_8880 IMG_8927 IMG_8937 IMG_8967 IMG_9068 IMG_9965 IMG_9977 IMG_1870 IMG_3770 IMG_3781 IMG_3798

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