Rome of 2014 I was able to travel to Rome on a school trip while I was studying abroad in Sweden. Going through the hundreds of photos, these were the memories that stuck out to me the most. Finding the empty streets amidst all of the bustling roads, the beautiful architecture that lead to arching your head backwards to take in all the beauty. The lights and musicians that lined the streets at night, welcoming in every passerby. An incredible feeling of awe that was seemingly continuous.

IMG_5947 IMG_5961 IMG_5964 IMG_5976 IMG_6029 IMG_6071 IMG_6086 IMG_6115 IMG_6118 IMG_6148 IMG_6165 IMG_6173 IMG_6176 IMG_6194 IMG_6202 IMG_6218 IMG_6240 IMG_6243 IMG_6260 IMG_6271 IMG_6310 IMG_6328 IMG_6447 IMG_6471 IMG_6515 IMG_6532 IMG_6559 IMG_6586 IMG_6680 IMG_6706 IMG_6731 IMG_6766 IMG_6779Here is a short video I made from my travels – feel free to check it out!



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