Cortney & Eric. First off, they are grade A cuddlers. B. They are two wonderful wonderful friends I met at North Park and I was thrilled to shoot their love. Because they are so dang in love! We rescheduled a zillion times for rain and with graduation approaching, we finally said we’d had enough and decided to shoot in the Lincoln Park Conservatory (GREAT decision). They dance hard, laugh hard, and hearing how they fell in love was beautiful. I was honored to shoot them. Take a look at these two good looking love birds.

8Q2A3716 8Q2A3726 8Q2A3810 8Q2A3811 8Q2A3813 8Q2A3819 8Q2A3824 8Q2A3827 8Q2A3830 8Q2A3837 8Q2A3858 8Q2A3879 8Q2A3910 8Q2A3921 8Q2A3935 8Q2A3955 8Q2A3961 8Q2A3973 8Q2A3986 8Q2A3993 8Q2A4000 8Q2A4022 8Q2A4028 8Q2A4032 8Q2A4050 8Q2A4053 8Q2A4065 8Q2A4095 8Q2A4117 8Q2A4134 8Q2A4173 8Q2A4177 8Q2A4200 8Q2A4212 8Q2A4222 8Q2A4229 8Q2A4243 8Q2A4280 8Q2A4295 8Q2A4306 8Q2A4323 8Q2A4341 8Q2A4346 8Q2A4358 8Q2A4395 8Q2A4400 8Q2A4405 8Q2A4406 8Q2A4410 8Q2A4412 8Q2A4418 8Q2A4423 8Q2A4428

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