We drove into and out of Arizona in the same day. The fam hustled to make it to Antelope Canyons on time for our tour, only to find out that Navajo time is different than Mountain time and we were an hour and a half early. And then we wandered into Antelope Canyons with about a hundred other tourists. All of a sudden I was alone in the most beautiful place I had ever been. The narrow walls and sharp turns hid each person from one another. The smooth slot canyon walls showed a texture that perfectly mirrored the 60 mph waters that rushed through here during flash floods. It was impossible to look anywhere but up at the 50 foot high walls, curving around one another in patters that made no sense to my mind. Light shown bright orange on pieces of the walls while right next to it a brilliant purple shadow hid from the rays. I could barely speak during the hour long tour, I just photographed light and dark and texture and pattern and nonsensical shapes in the rock around me. We left the canyons to head to Horseshoe Bend, another place on my bucket list and the sheer amount of tourists in the parking lot left all of us feeling uneasy about hiking the half a mile there. But we had come all this way so off we went, fighting through some major sand blowing in our faces and slews of selfie sticks. And then just like that I was standing on the edge of a sheer cliff. Emerald water snaked around a massive red mountain in front of me. It was extensive and massive and mammoth. I was awestruck. After deciding the painful sandstorm was too much for us we left to drive around the Vermillion Cliffs National Park. We never made it due to a broken down car, but an hour later we drove on towards Utah. Now here’s WAY too many photos of one day hahah good luck.

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