The most incredible place I have ever been. Here are a few of those memoriesIMG_2386 IMG_3348 IMG_1899-2 IMG_1312 IMG_8615 IMG_0772IMG_0696 IMG_0743 IMG_0748 IMG_0754 IMG_0827 IMG_0868 IMG_0893 IMG_0963 IMG_1001 IMG_1046 IMG_1105 IMG_1133 IMG_1197 IMG_1213 IMG_1385 IMG_1409 IMG_1458 IMG_1461 IMG_1485 IMG_1509 IMG_1557 IMG_1596 IMG_1659 IMG_1670 IMG_1703 IMG_1734 IMG_1825 IMG_1976 IMG_2087 IMG_2129 IMG_2137 IMG_2241 IMG_2263 IMG_2292 IMG_2326 IMG_2347 IMG_2353 IMG_2363 IMG_2447 IMG_2581 IMG_2742 IMG_2746 IMG_2770 IMG_2775 IMG_2781 IMG_2853Here is a short video I made from our travels!


Kelsey, we visited Norway and Sweden this August. Thanks for sharing your beautiful video and photos. It takes me back, so good!

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