This Thanksgiving instead of returning to Massachusetts, I traveled an hour away from North Park to DeKalb Illinois to stay with the Volk family. I go to school with Taylor and have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know her twin Samantha. The entire vacation consisted of new experiences from the Macy’s Day Parade, Black Friday, a “Skillet,” Noodles & Company, corn fields, barns, and endless sky.  It was a great break with some of the best people I know. And here’s a few fun things I did! A video montage will also be following this, I experimented with videography this break so get pumped! Thank you Volks!IMG_3184 IMG_3078 IMG_3077 IMG_3054IMG_3187 IMG_3191 IMG_3218 IMG_3263 IMG_3276 IMG_3318 IMG_3335 IMG_3337 IMG_3357 IMG_3375 IMG_3411 IMG_3420 IMG_3432 IMG_3438 IMG_3453 IMG_3271

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