Daria. Oh my goodness I cannot believe this girl is a senior. Dari has gone to camp with me since before I can remember and the bond I have with her is just incomparable. I don’t know if there is another individual that makes me laugh so hard. With that being said, most of these are of Daria laughing which I thought was exceptionally suitable for this incredible young woman. Also there is an uncanny resemblance between her face and that of a golden retriever puppy.IMG_3084IMG_3089IMG_3091IMG_3103IMG_3104IMG_3109IMG_3110IMG_3116IMG_3121IMG_3122-2IMG_3148IMG_3154IMG_3153IMG_3164IMG_3168IMG_3171IMG_3178IMG_8356IMG_8376IMG_8391IMG_8392IMG_8408IMG_8434IMG_8442IMG_8462

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